Bitcoin Seed Fund

The World's First

Bitcoin Denominated Seed Fund


What We Do

We fund bitcoin-only projects.


Our Approach

Focused on actionable ideas with relentless founders.


Our Mission

To propel Bitcoin denominated projects and empower founders that will become the backbone of the digital future.

Seeded Projects – A bitcoin denominated auction house for .COM domain names.

Cultivating Risk

Bitcoin serves as the exclusive funding vehicle for acquisitions and seed rounds. By utilizing only the proceeds from our successes as a source of seed-capital, there is a constant need and relentless pursuit for determining true market demand. 

Relentless Founders

We work with founders who are relentlessly working towards making their vision a reality. 


By the Numbers

This is just the beginning

Bitcoin Invested

Seeded Projects

Pending Deployments

Domains Under Ownership


Daniel Sanchez

Director, Bitcoin Seed Fund





Remote Office

Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Central America